Getting a physical tomorrow. And I’m bringing literature! For the doctor.

She’s sweet, she tried to make my tummy feel better by mentioning peppermint and even sending me links after appointment. But obv it didn’t help. And my skin rashes were no fun either, ‘till I cut out gluten about 2 years ago! (only consistent for the last 14 months).

Sooo I printed a few Nature papers on Gluten/Wheat sensitivity and how it’s a new “condition” that actually exists and what protein markers are present in the blood (although they go away after 6mo gluten free? cool). And what are the typical symptoms to watch out for. =)

I hope she’ll listen. But I’m excited to at least tryyy to help my doctor understand. I even highlighted important parts of the papers.

Ah, I’m such a nerd. =)

  1. meowmastemix said: That’s awesome… hopefully she listens.
  2. alexwhineandcheese said: I’ve always respected your sources. Go with peer review and you can’t lose!
  3. fitnerd said: I think that’s awesome! I feel like a lot of doctors aren’t as up to date about that stuff as they could be so it’s awesome that you’re doing your part :)
  4. abbetiteforlife said: Proud of you!!
  5. niner said: Good luck! I found my GP on the paleo physicians network. he’s the only MD i’ve ever had who’s asked me about my nutritional habits.
  6. love2befit said: You’ve done your research! That’s good. I’m sure she’ll appreciate that. Good luck.
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